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Do you want peace? Avoid kids !

A peace, quiet and sunny morning during the holidays. You’re drinking a…

A peace, quiet and sunny morning during the holidays. You’re drinking a tasty smoothie next to the swimming pool of your resort, admiring an amazing landscape when suddenly, three noisy kids plunge into the water splashing, by the way, your new book !

There are times where you, frankly, don’t want to vacation with or around children…

Don’t worry, the nightmare is over because Ving, a famous Scandinavian tour operator is now offering Sunprime resorts  for adults only !

The new campaign recently launched over the Finnish market and created by 358 agency is pretty funny as you can see with the first picture down below : How useful would the cut and paste commands be in real life?

To conclude, as my grandfather used to say : “Kids are like farts, you can only tolerate your own”.

Sources : www.docnews.fr

2 commentaires sur “Do you want peace? Avoid kids !”

Omnireso dit :

The cut and paste commands are already available, it only requires a mind. Resorts for adults only like these address 2 targets : people without kids AND people with kids but who don't want the hassle. Once the first "adopters" will make it possible, the latter will self-indulge. That's clever. Even if I find it really scaring (what kind of society is that ?)

manage anger dit :

Amazing concerns altogether, you only acquired a new viewer. What might people advise when it comes to your own submit for you to made a 1 week in past times? Any good?

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