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The one who sings his love for Obama

Obama is still a rock star! After the famous Obama Girl, who entertained…

Obama is still a rock star! After the famous Obama Girl, who entertained the US during the last election in 2008, there will be an Obama Boy in 2012 . For this new electoral term, The President has a new banner-bearer, ready to support him: Justin Brown.

In this video clip, the young beautiful girl Amber Lee Ettinger, has been substituted by a sturdy boy in a nice blue short and a tight sleeveless tee-shirt. Three minutes long, this gay defender claims having a crush on the 44th President of the United States. He is grateful towards him for supporting the cause of the gay marriage, and he admits being jealous of the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

But, not sure, that this video reaches the top of the virality realized by Obama Girl in 2008 (24 millions clicks on Youtube), but it could be the beginning of the Obamania revival. In any case, this funny political militancy could give some ideas to others; it could be a new way to make campaign. Are you ready to wear a slip in 2017 and militate for the next french presidential?

Sources: Huffington Post, News24.

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